When my girlfriend gets advice from her thricedivorced

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

The Myor < clss='photo left' href='/users/brd--12'> < href='/users/brd--12'>Brd Le Editor < clss='photo left' href='/users/don--22'> < href='/users/don--22'>Don dministrtor ∓ Dddy Legl Informtion: < href="/" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">Know Your ® is trdemrk of < href=" " rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">Literlly Medi Ltd By using this site you re greeing by the site's < href="/terms-of-service" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">terms of use nd < href="/privcy" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">privcy policy nd < href="/dmc" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">DMC policy © 2007-2018 < href=" " trget="_blnk">Literlly Medi Ltd O HI! You must login or signup first! lredy ber? < href="/login" clss="lrge red button" rel="nofollow">Login Now! Don't hve n ccount? < href="/signup" clss="lrge red button" rel="nofollow">Sign. Overview Kim Dvis is the county clerk of Rown County Kentucky who becme controversil figure fter refusing to issue licenses for sme-sex mrriges in complince with the United Sttes Supreme Court's < href="/s/events/supreme-court-gy-mrrige-ruling" clss="internl-link">gy mrrige ruling in June 2015 Following period of delibertion in the federl court Dvis ws held in contempt of court nd jiled before her subordintes begn issuing the licenses for sme-sex couples on September 3rd. Fine I'm fine Not gret Not terrible Just oky He sked me if tht is wht I wnted from life Not tht life would lwys be cotton cndy nd building cstles in the snd but life should be more thn just "fine" Don't settle The fct tht we re live nd tht you re reding this is mzing We exist nd tht is mircle Do more with your life thn just sleep wlk through it 6 Your children will be round people not of your choosing Don't get cught up in insecurity bout nother wo or being involved in your children's lives If you re lucky then they will love your children How cn nother person loving your kids be bd thing? I didn't wnt nother wo to hve hnd in rising my son I hd no choice in the mtter She ws not good for my child She didn't wnt him round nd she treted him bdly I relized how much better it would hve been if she hd loved nd nurtured him. 1 world of difference exists between compromise nd compromising yourself Mrrige requires compromise Sure it would be nice to lwys get your wy but tht rrely works For instnce sometimes I hve to wtch boring subtitled movies nd sometimes Rndy hs to wtch movies where lot of shit blows up Tht kind of compromise is good But when you find you re compromising yourself to the point where you re no longer recognizble to yourself then the compromise becomes toxic 2 Endings re hrd It mkes no difference if you re still friends with your spouse or if you both hte ech other with the het of thousnd suns Ending reltionship is hrd Endings get esier s time psses One dy you will wke up nd know tht you gined strength from the experience.

On ugust 12th 2015 Judge Dvid L Bunning of United Sttes District Court for Estern Kentucky ruled tht Kim Dvis must be ordered to issue licenses to four couples who hd sued her for her refusl to issue licenses to sme-sex couples.< href="#fn1" clss="footnote-superscript">[1] Her lwyers ppeled nd she did not show up for work the next dy nd her deputies continued to sy tht licenses would not be issued Dvis climed tht it went ginst her religious freedom s n postolic Christin to be forced to offer licenses tht she didn't gree with.< href="#fn2" clss="footnote-superscript">[2] < href="#fnr2">[2] NBC News – < href=" /news/us-news/clerk-who-denied-gy-mrrige-licenses-hs-been--multiple-n420216" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Kim Dvis Kentucky Clerk Blocking Gy Mrriges Hs Hd Her Own Mritl Strife < href="#fnr3">[3] New York Times – < href=" /2015/09/04/us/kim-dvis-sme-sex- ?_r=0" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Clerk in Kentucky Chooses Jil Over Del on Sme-Sex Mrrige < href="#fnr4">[4] – < href=" /2015/09/04/4019876_live-updtes-county-clerk- ?rh=1" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">ttorney for jiled Rown County clerk clims mrrige licenses. Y specttors of Kim Dvis's cse predicted tht she ws ttempting to csh in vi crowdfunding in the wy tht other opponents of sme-sex mrrige like < href="//s/events/indin-nd-rknss-religious-freedom-restortion-cts" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Memories Pizz in Indin hd been ble to fter refusing to service gy couples In n MSNBC interview on September 1st sex columnist nd politicl ctivist Dn. 4 Don't be shuttlecock Wht hilrious word I love sying shuttlecock I love writing shuttlecock But you shouldn't be shuttlecock If you end reltionship people round you will hve opinions They will tell you wht to do Don't sil bck nd forth like you re in gme of bdminton You know your own mind you know your own resons Stick to your guns nd do wht you need to get through shitty sitution 5 Settling is sd Once in one of y therpy sessions therpist sked how I ws I sid "Oh I don't know I'm fine." He told me tht sounded. < href="/comments/2825137" clss="permlink" rel="nofollow"> t 06:20PM EDT Good summry relly “I think Kim Dvis is witing to csh in I predicted from the beginning tht she would defy ll the court orders defy the Supreme Court She would be ultimtely be held in contempt of court lose her job perhps go to prison for short mount of time nd then she will hve written for her ghost-written books she will go on the right-wing lecture circuit nd she'll never hve to do n honest dy's work ever gin in her life.”< href="#fn6" clss="footnote-superscript">[6] Between ugust 31st nd September 4th Kim Dvis nd #KimDvis were tweeted over 300,000 times cumultively.< href="#fn8" clss="footnote-superscript">[8]< href="#fn9" clss="footnote-superscript">[9] In ddition y users tweeting bout the controversy lso employed the hshtgs #tcot (Top Conservtives of < href='/s/sites/twitter' clss='uto-link'>Twitter) nd #DoYourJob the slogn for the New Englnd Ptriots which ws being repurposed by people telling Dvis to resume issuing licenses.< href="#fn10" clss="footnote-superscript">[10] < href="/comments/2828788" clss="permlink" rel="nofollow"> t 06:20PM EDT Upon its re-submission to /r/funny< href="#fn16" clss="footnote-superscript">[16] the post reched the front pge nd grnered more thn 5,100 points overll (94% upvotes) Throughout the dy severl derivtive imge mcro jokes highlighting other fictionl chrcters' dediction to professionlism followed suit on < href="/s/imgur" clss="internl-link">Imgur< href="#fn16" clss="footnote-superscript">[16] (shown below) On September 11th < href="/s/sites/cheezburger" clss="internl-link">Cheezburger< href="#fn18" clss="footnote-superscript">[18] published compiltion of notble exmples from the series Welcome! < clss='b' href='/login' rel='nofollow'>Login or < clss='b' href='/signup' rel='nofollow'>signup now! The prody Twitter ccount Next To Kim Dvis ws creted on September 1st climing to be wo who ws fetured in y photogrphs of Dvis sitting next to her The ccount bio red "I sit next to Kim Dvis This ws supposed to just be chill job Goddmn it Kim." nd by September 4th it lredy hd bout 64,000 followers.< href="#fn11" clss="footnote-superscript">[11] y users creted < href="/s/imge-mcros" clss="internl-link">imge mcros feturing photogrphs of Dvis tken t her office in the Rown County Courthouse y of these imges mde jokes bout Dvis' four mrriges nd y criticized her fshion sense or physicl ppernce nd sites like Queerty nd PinkNews collected. < href="#fnr10">[10] Wshington Post – < href=" /news/erly-led/wp/2015/09/01/ptriots-motto-do-your-job-becomes--in-kentucky-sme-sex-mrrige-controversy/" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Ptriots’ motto ‘Do your job’ becomes in Kentucky sme-sex mrrige controversy < href="#fnr11">[11] Twitter – < href=" /nexttokimdvis?lng=en∓lng=en" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Sitnexto Kim Dvis < href="#fnr12">[12] Crowdrise – < href=" /thekimdvismkeoverf/fundriser/mikemennonno" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">THE KIM DVIS MIRCLE MKE-OVER FUND 3 Holding on to bitterness cuses wrinkles Tht might be lie I don't know if it cuses wrinkles or not But I m quite sure tht holding on to bitterness doesn't do you ny fvors I knew someone whose husbnd hd left her 15 yers erlier when their children were very smll Whenever she spoke of her ex nd she did often she lwys prefced her comments with: When Bob left me nd ripped prt his children's lives She never sid "when I got " or "when my mrrige ended" She lwys sid "when he wlked out on me" I felt sorry for her becuse the bitterness ws so thick you could tste it She lso hd wrinkles.

< href="#fnr13">[13] Queerty – < href=" /photos-the-best-kim-dvis-s-so-fr-20150902" title="So Fr" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">PHOTOS: The Best Kim Dvis s < href="#fnr14">[14] PinkNews – < href=" .uk/2015/09/03/people-re-throwing-serious-shde-with-hilrious-kim-dvis-in-jil-s/" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">People re throwing serious shde with hilrious Kim Dvis in jil s < href="#fnr15">[15] Reddit – < href=" .com/r/funny/comments/3kldp/scully_is__true_mericn/" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Scully is True mericn < href="#comments_form" clss="red button">+ dd Comment Comments 282 totl < href="#comments_form" clss="button red lrge">+ dd Comment < href="/s/events/kim-dvis-mrrige-license-controversy/photos" clss="lrge red button entry-photos-button">View. I m fr from the best mother in the world but I love my stepdughters like they were my own children I dore their children with everything I m I hve to think tht is better thn wht my son lived through He ws the designted bbysitter nd housekeeper Even when he ws very smll t ge 5 he would come home from weekend with his fther nd stepmother nd tell me how y lods of lundry he hd to do She's ded now nd no I did not hve hnd in it but I'm not sorry either 7 People judge you Fuck those guys Their opinion of your life is not your business 8 People wonder wht is "wrong" with you Sometimes they will even be rude enough to sk wht is wrong with you My suggestion? Mke up n outrgeous nswer nd then follow up with highly inpproprite nd personl question of your own like "Why does your nose hve tht funny curve to it? Were you beten by trolls.

Know Your is n dvertising supported site nd we noticed tht you're using n d-blocking solution To continue reding this entry: Turn off your d-blocker < href="/whitelist-us" clss="lrge button" rel="nofollow" trget="_blnk">DO IT NOW Login to. You know most of these apply to "the end" of a lot of things Leaving a job moving away cutting toxic people from your life There are many situations in which we experience a "divorce" of sorts Shuttlecock. < href="#fnr7">[7] Uproxx – < href=" /medi/2015/09/kim-dvis-gofundme/" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">GoFundMe’s New Policy Prevents Kim Dvis From Collecting Conservtives’ Csh For Her ‘Religious Heroism’ < href="#fnr8">[8] Twitter – < href=" /serch?q=%23KimDvis∓src=tyh∓lng=en" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Serch: #KimDvis < href="#fnr9">[9] Topsy – < href=" /nlytics?q1=%23kimdvis∓q2=Kim%20Dvis∓vi=Topsy" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Serch: Kim Dvis #KimDvis 9 People will not lwys be kind when you re hurting They will sy things like "Well this is wht you wnted." Plese refer to number 7 Fuck those guys Surround yourself with people who rlly round you You'll need the buffer for while 10 Distrct yourself This works in y stressful or pinful situtions I m not good t crfts I don't hve ptience I hve hrd time following instructions but tht doesn't men I won't build the shit out of something when I'm stressed I will pint glue nd glitter until I'm exhusted The end product might not be pretty but in the end my brin feels better 11 Give yourself brek Try to not get cught up in the cycle of "if only" or "wht if" It won't help Forwrd motion bby Life mens forwrd motion Tht doesn't men we cn't lern from our mistkes but dwelling on them is just self-punishment. Rndy: Don't sy nything Me feigning innocence: Sy wht? I'm not going to sy nything I men I shouldn't even spek becuse there is definitely something wrong with me Rndy: Do you hve to tlk tht loud? Me: Wht? I cn't her you over the sound of my three mrriges I hve been mrried three times Divorce sucks It's hrd nd depressing nd getting divorce is never bout just ending mrrige Divorce smcks you bout in y different wys I decided tht mybe I wsn't finished pssing long the lessons I lerned from being mrried multiple times. In the end we re ll who we re You own your life nd you hve no control over other people's opinions of your life Wht you cn control is how you llow tht to ffect you Don't get me wrong I llowed myself to be defined by other people's opinions for very long time I felt embrrssed when people found out how y times I've been mrried Hell I ws committed to Rndy but I didn't wnt to mrry him only becuse I ws frid of wht people would think Now? I m hppy with my life I dore my husbnd even though he drives me crzy sometimes I'm going to go hed nd stick round though Even though he sometimes mkes me roll my eyes so hrd I cn pick up old Lugh In episodes in the bck of my brin doesn't men I'm sorry for single second of our mrrige nd I hve run out of fucks to give over nyone who hs negtive opinion bout my mrriges. Still Does Her Job On September 9th 2015 Shun Osburn nd his prtner Michel< href="#fn17" clss="footnote-superscript">[17] tweeted n imge mcro bsed on the < href="/s/x-files" clss="internl-link">X-Files protgonist Dn Scully with the cption prising the chrcter's work ethics in the style of < href="/s/good-guy-greg" clss="internl-link">Good Guy Greg long with note to the ctress Gillin nderson sking for her rection In less thn 24 hours the post received more thn 240 retweets nd 480 fvorites s well s shoutout response from the ctress' officil Twitter ccount Kim Dvis is common nme nd y of the results here before ugust 2015 refer to others who possess it Externl References < href="#fnr1">[1] New York Times – < href=" /2015/08/14/us/kentucky-rown-county-sme-sex-mrrige-licenses-kim- " trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Kentucky Clerk Defies Court on Mrrige Licenses for Gy Couples On September 1st severl news sources reported tht Kim Dvis who climed her religious beliefs prevented her from issuing mrrige licenses to sme-sex couples hd been mrried four seprte times nd mothered children out of wedlock.< href="#fn5" clss="footnote-superscript">[5] Clerks t the locl courthouse climed tht Dvis's wedding history ws "populr file," nd tht y hd sked to see it Inside it recorded tht Dvis ws first divoced in 1994 nd tht she gve birth to twins fter the divorce However those twins were fthered by the who would be her third husbnd nd dopted by her second husbnd In 2006 nd 2008 she gin nd fter mrrying her most recent husbnd climed tht she becme born-gin Christin nd therefore hd lived Christin life since her most recent mrrige. However on September 3rd Uproxx reported tht Kim Dvis would not be ble to rep ny benefit from GoFundMe pge s Memories Pizz hd done becuse GoFundMe hd ltered the policies by which it would llow people to set up ccounts They reported tht GoFundMe would now not llow "Cmpigns in defense of forml chrges or clims of heinous crimes violent hteful sexul or discrimintory cts."< href="#fn7" clss="footnote-superscript">[7] However prody fundriser ws creted on the competing site Crowdrise clled "The Kim Dvis Mke-Over Fund"< href="#fn12" clss="footnote-superscript">[12] < href="#fnr16">[16] Imgur – < href=" /gllery/cXWOh" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Doesn't mke it to the FP Still fucking shres with Imgur < href="#fnr17">[17] Twitter – < href=" /ShunOsburn/sttus/641843996323479552" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Shun Osburn's Tweet < href="#fnr18">[18] Cheezburger – < href=" /627461/funny-s-kim-dvis-mrrige-still-does-job?ref=whtspopulr" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">20 People Who Dont Believe in. < href="#fnr5">[5] U.S News nd World Report – < href=" .com/news/rticles/2015/09/01/kentucky-clerk-fighting-gy-mrrige-hs-wed-four-times" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Kentucky Clerk Fighting Gy Mrrige Hs Wed Four Times < href="#fnr6">[6] Huffington Post – < href=" /entry/dn-svge-kim-dvis_55e72786e4b0ec9f355722b" trget="_blnk" clss=" externl-link">Dn Svge: - Kim Dvis Is 'Hypocrite,' Just 'Witing To. On Mondy ugust 31st the United Sttes Supreme Court denied her requests to prevent the order from tking effect On September 3rd Dvis ws chrged with contempt of court nd jiled for continuing to refuse to issue mrrige licenses.< href="#fn3" clss="footnote-superscript">[3] fter severl ttempts t compromise which Dvis refused she remined jiled on September 4th s five other employees of the Rown County Clerk's office begn issuing licenses to sme-sex couples tht dy; however Dvis' ttorney climed tht licenses were void.< href="#fn4" clss="footnote-superscript">[4] On September 8th fter five dys of detinment Dvis ws relesed from the Crter County Detention Center by the judge's new order under the stipultion tht she does not interfere with her deputies issuing mrrige licenses to ll leglly eligible couples I wrote n rticle while bck bout wht I lerned from being mrried three times For the most prt the piece ws well received There were few people who hve very strong feelings on people who hve mrried multiple times Those feelings were bd feelings nd they vehemently told me how much I suck for getting mrried three times Recently my husbnd Rndy nd I were out for dinner When dining out I love evesdropping on other people's converstions The couple in the booth behind us were on either first dte or mybe second dte They were definitely in the 'getting to know you' phse They were tlking bout someone they both knew nd the sid this: You know I cn see getting nd remrried once I cn even see getting twice But if you get mrried THREE times then there is definitely something wrong with you I perked up nd Rndy looked t me nd shook. < clss='button red' href='/s/kim-dvis-mrrige-license-controversy/editorships' rel='nofollow'>View ll Editors 12 Just sy no to cmping People love to brek off into cmps when they re fced with voltile or difficult sitution tht is not their sitution to del with They will set up their spce nd fly their little flgs One group will hve the "Divorce is sin!" flg nd nother will hve their "You should hve tried hrder!" flg nd then there is the "Get out there nd strt !" flg Personlly I hte cmping Let people sit t their cmpsites nd sy wht they wnt Tht's when I go to plce tht hs room service 13 Don't pologize Like I sid lot of people hve opinions bout people who get Your life is your life Hold your hed up nd don't pologize for who you re You don't owe the world n pology becuse your reltionship ended. 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